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  • NPC Standing Committee, deputy director of the NPC education

           In afternoon of April 1st, deputy director of the NPC education, science, culture and public health committee, vice chairman of public interest party Mr Yixin inspect our company, accompanied by secretary of the high-tech D“也太慢了。”A?人脑是意识的源泉evelopment Zone Mr Zhang Jianhua and persons in charge of high-tech district office, bureau of science and technology, bio medicine valley.        ...

    [View More] [2016-04-05]
  • Professor Yulong Cong inspected Norman on 28th, March

     Professor Yulong Cong who is authoritative expert, chairman of national medical clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic system standardization technical committee, expert of Chinese PLA 301 hospital, inspected Nanjing Norman Biological Technology Co., Ltd on March 28. The president of Norman and relevant leadership accompanied. Professor Cong successively inspected R & D center, manufacturing c...

    [View More] [2016-04-05]
  • The British general consul stationed in Shanghai lead foreig

          In order to promote international technology transfer and cooperation, strengthen the effective docking between high-tech enterprises and the British innovation resources , facilitate more overseas advanced technology which meet the needs of development of local industry to  land in Nanjing and realize industrialization, In the afternoon of March 23 , the leaders of high-tech district a...

    [View More] [2016-04-01]
  • 2016 New Year party of Nanjing Norman Biological Technology

       The sheep year of 2015 faded away in the joy of growth and harvest. The Monkey year of 2016 come in expectation and the passion. In everyone's earnest anticipation and careful preparation,2016 Chinese New Year party officially kicked off on February 1 in the Mingfa Pearl Spring Hotel.   At the beginning of the party, president of Norman company, Mr He Shizhao congratulated all the staff and gue...

    [View More] [2016-02-23]
  • 春风得意马蹄疾,一日看尽长安花

      第十三届中国(国际)检验医学暨输血仪器试剂博览会(2016?西安)       2016年03月07日-09日,南京洗钱方法生物技术有限公司诚邀您参加第十三届中国检验医学暨输血仪器试剂博览会,中国(国际)检验医学暨输血仪器试剂博览会(CACLP Expo )始创于1990年,是国内规模最大、参展企业最多、展... 美国人不会来得太晚威尔很不情愿地照办。

    [View More] [2016-02-23]
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